Dear Guest,

We recently purchased the former Red Crags Estates properties in Manitou Springs, Colorado. We are making some changes to the overall usage of the facilities. We will be shifting the emphasis from a traditional bed & breakfast to a retreat center for healing & creative arts.

We will be adding yoga, meditation, & facilities for massage, acupuncture, & Ayurvedic treatments.

In our commitment to sustainability, we will be serving vegetarian food that is organic and locally sourced; our rooms will not have televisions and we will not be serving wine & cheese happy hours.

We are dedicated to providing a place for our guests to unplug from the fast pace of modern life and reconnect to their senses, Self, & nature.

While our vision is being birthed, we will not be taking new reservations until our renovations are complete. We appreciate your understanding & hope you will consider Sun Mountain Shala for your future retreat needs.

If you have a current reservation and have questions, please call 719-685-4515 and leave a message. 

Welcome to Bed & Breakfast at Historic Onaledge

Declared “Colorado’s Very Haunted Hotel” by the Huffington Post, our historic bed and breakfast in Manitou Springs is a 1912 restored Arts and Crafts style home developed by Englishman Roland Boutwell, architect, builder and coppersmith who built the Craftwood Shops and the Onaledge estate.

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Paranormal activity has been documented by numerous investigations. Our friendly “permanent residents” are many. Stay in one of our guestrooms, and you might see The Lady of the House in pastel Victorian dress or smell the pipe tobacco from the Grandfather of the House who is seen by the fireplace reading to the little Boy in a Blue Suit. Keep an eye on the gazebo on the back-tiered terraces where a young couple dressed in Victorian attire is often seen to be courting.

Orbs that cannot be debunked, energy strings that float across the rooms, electronic voice prints (EVPs) with clear answers, flashlights that turn on and off on their own, doors that open and close have all been recorded or witnessed within the Bed & Breakfast at Historic Onaledge.

If you believe in the paranormal, enjoy ghost hunting, or are skeptical and simply not sure, come visit the luxurious Bed & Breakfast at Historic Onaledge. Prove to yourself that there is “another side!”


Notes Box:
Residing at Onaledge has removed my skepticism of paranormal activity. I have been spoken to, touched, heard footsteps across the living room floor above knowing I was the only one in the house, and heard the music of the stringed instrument the Lady of the House is said to have played. As the Innkeeper, I now hold a sense of fascination in this area of the unknown. From this point we have invited investigators who have proven further to me that I have guests….even when the house is empty!

Guest Comments:
Bed & Breakfast at Historic Onaledge has the most activity we have witnessed and documented than any site we have investigated. This is why we love coming here, this being our third visit.
-All Girls Paranormal Society, Colorado Springs, CO