Welcome to Our B&B

The most idealic location was the only one for us. On A Ledge is near the overlook pass on a high cliff by a crystal clear lake. Being only 15 miles from a city with every entertainment option, we wanted the best outdoor luxury experience available. Our main focus...Beds and Breakfast.



Our staff is trained for several months to ensure you are getting the best service. They are all well versed in our state-of-the-art bed options, and our extensive menus you can order from anytime.

Our Services

We will off you changing variety of new luxurous beds, foods, and offer to fill your time with outdoor activities. Try our kayaks, canoes, bikes, scooters, and hiking trails. If you'd rather stay indoors, we have plenty of books next to our dining room, open all day.

Breakfast in Bed Our Beautiful Lodge Helpful Staff 24/7 Try Our Kayaks