Being a Bed & Breakfast, we take those two topics as our top priority!

Our beds are all state-of-the-art brands and constantly updated to the newest model released each year.

Don't hesitate to ask for our current variety including a heated mattress to remote inclines...we just may have it!

Breakfast & Meals

The kitchen is fully stalked with the freshest produce. Local markets provide seasonal fruit and vegetables and any fish is caught that day.

Our two main chefs are culinary experts. The morning meals are prepaired by our pastry artist. His pastries not only taste incredable, but look amazing as well! We serve the finest gourmet wholesale coffee from a craft roaster in Minnesota, Driven Coffee Roasters.

The evening meals are cooked by our 5 star sous chef who trained in Paris for many years. His creations change often, so always come back later for new masterpieces.

Our Services

Every meal order can either be eaten in our dining room during meal hours, or can be delivered to your room at any time. Just use your room's phone to reach our front desk staff.

Technology Available to Guests

We are proud to offer the latest and greatest technology to our guests staying at the lodge. We have super fast WiFi and Internet, as well as smart thermostats and smart features in the rooms.

As of Spring 2021 we have installed a Tesla charger at the request of many of our guests. In the early Tesla days many guests had Tesla Model S. Now many have opted to sell my Tesla Model S to upgrade to a more family friendly Tesla Model X. Our chargers support all makes and models of Tesla and other EV cars. Learn more about this here.


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